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Cape Point
Robben Island
Scratch Patch


show show 13 kilometres from Scarborough, in Boulders near Simons Town, there is a colony of African penguins.
The penguins are protected by a fence so they can hatch out their eggs undisturbed and take care of their offspring.

The activities of the penguins can be observed closely from gangways in the area.
Dassies (rock hyraxes) are frequent visitors on the gangways. show

There is a little beach and you are welcome to just lie in the sun or take a swim. At high tide the beach is flooded. show

The Penguin Area is open from 7or 8 a.m to 5 or 7:30 pm depending on the time of the year. The admission fee is R40 (adults and children over 12), R15 (children over two and under 12). Check Cape Town Tourism for further information.
Modified 17.08.2014
Torben Bundgaard